My name is Shukhrat
I born in 🇺🇦 in 1996

I am a person of life, a man of no title.

“Me” is a wild mix of creativity, love, passion, art, writing, music, wisdom, entrepreneurship, marketing, hardcore and very intense life experience, sharp vulnerable honesty, dozen of books, deep observations, conversations and thoughts, bold ideas, lots of mistakes, lots of unexpected predictions, a bottomless well of interest to life and beautiful thirsty eyes.

I am in love with nature, life, people, stories, music, ideas, indie culture and technology.

In my daily life I live life, and when I write – I write, when I think – I think, when I read – I read, when I play – I play, when I dream – I dream, when I make – I make, when I live – I live, and when I love – I love.

My passion words are freedom, love, creativity, art, nature, sensitivity, presence, consciousness, sustainability, health, compassion, wealth, prosperity, wisdom, perception, experience, individuality, feeling, acceptance and joy of life.

I am made of a bunch of mistakes, losses, searches, gains, starts over and over again, intertwined existential meanings.

In my short life I have lived in a few cities and several countries, got out of 2 universities, read more than 200 books, worked in 20+ different industries / professions (big range from carpenter-handyman to big eCommerce shop director), launched 3 businesses, founded a non-profit organization and hosted 10+ events.

I understand from my own experience how it feels to be a waiter or barista with a 14+ hours workday, what retail or hospitality business consists of, what is happening in big and small factory facilities in producing home furniture, textile, doors and windows, how gadget repairs business is organized, what construction workers living and feeling like, what a call-centre operator thinks about when he talks to you, and what happens on the server, in the office, in the warehouse, and in the delivery before and after you click the buy button.

In present, I am building my own endeavors, living my best life without regrets, sharing my vibe, thoughts and experiences with other people around and enjoying the play journey at our eternal sandbox called Universe.

I love to experience new adventures. being open to life, travel, discover, meet, try new tastes, smells, and sensations, study other cultures, experience new lenses, explore the world, talk to people, hear, listen, observe nature, doing no thing or carefree delve into depths and details.

All I do is living it through according to my individual sense of joy, meaning and loving. I am driven by a desire to make the world around me a little bit happier place than it was before me. I am here to share light and freedom, to spread the spirit of collaboration and support, to share and shine, to empower independent thinking and inspire passion-driven entrepreneurship, to protect nature and its diversity for us, for them, for present and future.


One of my life’s credo sounds: “Who am I not to try?”, another one is: “Be afraid, but do it anyway”.
I believe that every (not only human) being exists here to enjoy life. To live each moment. With no regrets. Experience our best lives. To be bold, to be vulnerable, and to be Alive.


Through my experience and actions, I am trying to make life more simple, ease and joyful. I believe that the world’s destiny belongs to creators, artists and entrepreneurs. And I do my best to be a part of this flow and to help other people on their journey.


My life experience and attentiveness to life are giving me ideas on how to make a difference. After such a long journey of living dozens of different lives I feel the world a bit different way, a free, bold, eye-opening conscious and sensitive way. To make my contribution I grow freedom, love and opportunities with Freeproject, creating alternative present with supportive and sustainable society with conscious entrepreneurship at UNQA, and making a pure-wild-indie environment for consolidating and connecting creative individuals, artists and entrepreneurs

Life always changes and the pictures we have in our imaginations often differ from reality. There’s nothing wrong with that – that’s just the nature of life.

Maybe now I am somewhere on a journey, or in trouble, or dissolving deep into the moment, but I am definitely moving step by step to realize my and other people’s dreams.


In my work-life flow I am all about joy and happiness, value-based living, a purpose-driven business based on a sense of reality, reasonable meaning and sustainable efficiency. I deeply appreciate the philosophy of continuous improvement, collaboration and mutually beneficial cooperation without without compromising on quality, sensitivity of mutual respect and joy of life. “Me” is more about meaning rather than form.

I believe that any partnership should also be a friendship.

I do not believe in experts.
I do believe in experience, mistakes, learning, sharing and keeping moving towards new challenges.

We are all free creatures, and nothing truly belongs to anyone.
But our ability to exchange, consolidate efforts, trust and co-uplift each other makes us valuable to the world we live in.

In business I love the idea of creating StayUps (profitable business growing naturally and focused on the needs of society) instead of Startups (ideas focused on scalability and unnatural super-fast growth, based on venture capital injections).

I believe that we can realize anything if each of us will take on a tiny contribution of consciousness, sensitivity and awareness of life. We need to cultivate openness, authenticity and generosity as part of our society’s culture if we truly want to become a civilization capable of prosperity and sustainable development. We need to make a conscious choice to support more small and medium-sized local socially and environmentally responsible enterprises and fewer profit-oriented corporations.


I feel it harmful when work consumes time meant for enjoying life, self-development and experience. This is a quick way to burn out and dumbing down. An interesting life, self-care, love, healthy relationships and good rest is the key to consciousness, creativity and productivity.


I can’t know anything for sure, and these were just my words and images appearing through me that may change over time. But if you would ask I might answer that in path from the present to the next few decades, I am all in creating, building, co-founding and participating in some [∞] ideas of projects to bring more joy here and there.

If you have an adventure, insight, experience, resource, idea, would like to co-found something, want to support, hear or join my vision – feel free to find way to message me here.